Nature’s 10 micro-”commandments,” aka self-enforcing survival habits

January 1, 2014
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Pythagoreanism is about independence and freedom, including the ability to put sunlight to work. Let’s look up to the heavens for our energy, rather than down into the dirt. Before this post gets started, let’s take a moment to consider this awesome solar lamp that not only is clean technology, but also gives you protection against blackouts.

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1. No incest
2. No cannibalism
3. No sex with anything other than a living adult of your same species
4. No touching poop or pee
5. Learn how to be social
6. Have lots of sex (be safe)
7. Eat what tastes good
8. Love your family
9. Accept responsibility for your actions
10. Wonder about a world greater than this

Again, no people are needed to enforce these rules, it’s just interesting because these rules are self-enforcing.

These stand in stark contrast to the Abrahamic commandments, which are constantly broken, especially the one about murder. Colonial America has executed a far more comprehensive “genocide” or “holocaust” than early-to-mid 20th century Germany, justified in the name of a thousand excuses, justifications, rationalizations and euphemisms, yet it’s ignored compared to other “holocausts” “genocides” (even though those words were only created to describe the German holocaust, and inevitably we realize we lack the basic vocabulary to really describe the depth of the murder that’s happened here, so that’s how bad the Abrahamic commandments have been broken).

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Deprogramming Our Collective Vocabulary to Induce Peace

December 9, 2013
Anti-bigotry, anti-hate, anti-racism, pro peace, freedom, choice, thought, communication, humanity

This post is to show a small, profound point on vocabulary. In this post, there are two groups of words on I’m focusing:

1. bigotry vs. racism
2. peace/violence vs. security/terrorism

The former terms are more inducing of peace, and highlight our common ground. The latter terms, “racism” and “security versus terrorism” are inherently violent, and essentially self-promoting even just by using the words.

1. Proposing to use the word Bigotry, Never Racism

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Sustainable Energy’s Missing Puzzle Piece [infographic]

December 3, 2013

Why is Energy storage important, crucial, imperative, for sustainable, clean, green, renewable energy profitability and economy

The primary source for this infographic is the Altairnano paper from Robers & Sandberg.

PYTHAGOREANISM: Enlighten your world

usb solar charger, solar usb charger, USB compatible solar, mobile USB solar, solar charger for USB

…with clean, abundant solar energy

Letter to Cleveland MLB Urging a Name & Mascot Change

November 6, 2013

Join me in writing to the Cleveland MLB team to urge a name change away from their current bigotted moniker. Below is what I sent – send them your own words urging peace and healing.

Dear Cleveland MLB,

You need to change your name and mascot! Indigenous American Indians have been the subject of genocide, direct-government-sponsored murder, forced sterilizations, and much more. As a primarily white person with part Mowhawk ancestry, I urge you to initiate the process for healing, and end the gamification of our history.

We need memorials, and healing, for the genocide that occured on this continent, not mockery.

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Photo Gallery: River Confluences, Deltas, & Liquid Diffusion

August 5, 2013
Confluence on the Rio Parana, Brazil
The confluence of the Drava and Danube Rivers in Croatia’s Osijek region, Southeastern Europe

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Dead In Utero: The Myth of Capitalism

July 31, 2013
American flag of corporatism

Friends, followers, readers, I write to you from the great city of Chase Chicago, Illinois, USA, where a few years ago, the mayor literally sold the city’s rights to collect parking revenue to – you guessed it – the folks behind Chase Bank.  Maybe next year, the city of Chase Chicago will sell its own right to collect taxes through 2023 – what a great move that would be!

Just in case there was any confusion over who owns this city, check out this image I snapped last night:

Apologies for the blurry night photography – for those who don’t want to squint at their screens, the word above “CHICAGO” is “CHASE” – this is truly the city of Chase Chicago.

Capitalism is an economic system where goods and services are owned and traded, and where

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Ancient Words of Vegetarian Inspiration

June 19, 2013

Pythagoras (c. 582-507 BC) was a Greek philosopher, mathematician, musician, advocate of reincarnation, and mystic, known as the grandfather of vegetarianism.

The following is rumored to be a direct quote from Pythagoras, whose teachings are shrouded in mystery, as he never wrote down what he said; we know of Pythagoras only through his students.

“As long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seeds of murder and pain cannot reap the joy of love.

The animals share with us the privilege of having a soul.

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13 Images From The Underside of the Northern Summer

June 4, 2013
Aurora australis (Southern Light) over icebergs

This is a photo gallery of Antarctica, data and maps of Antarctica, and the Aurora Australis, which sits in front of the Milky Way galaxy, as seen from the crisp, clean air of the frozen deserts of the Antarctican winter.

As we in the Northern Hemisphere of Earth roast in the June summer’s searing heat; we spend time recovering from the Sunlight, go swimming, windows down, sunscreen and fresh cut grass, warm weather life – all while Antarctica endures the longest, most bitterly cold winter inside of the orbit of the planet Mars.

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The Morality of the Markets & Anglo Moral Nihilism

May 7, 2013
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“Anglo moral nihilism” is a type of nihilist that just thinks morals are tough, leave it to the experts, “I’m not paid to do that.”  It’s atheistic, but indifferent, but also focused on angels and demons, God and the Devil.  But it’s also mostly just nihilist consumer who thinks the morals are in the Bible which is the word of God himself.  There, now that morals have been purchased, let’s move on to politics.

How can people lead the nation who don’t even appreciate nature?

“Trees cause more pollution than automobiles do.” – Ronald Reagan, 1981

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Last Chance for Solar & Other Renewable Energy?

April 15, 2013
solar panels & sky

As we round out the end of the first half of Obama’s second term, we’re wondering why we’re still so far behind on renewable energy.  China, a nation with roughly equal land-size as the United States, and a similarly-sized economy, has run away from the United States on renewable energy during Obama’s watch.  No matter how you slice it, China has invested more money than the United States into renewable energy, and the results are showing. (source)

American politicians get so easily distracted by Solyndra scandals – which may as well have been a puppet shown by big oil.   In the worst possible case, Solyndra was a bureaucratic failure; not a problem with solar energy itself.

Solar really does work.  So does wind.  And geothermal, and hydro and tidal.  All of which are enough to power our planet. (source)

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On the transferrability of guilt or innocence

March 4, 2013

People don’t exist alone – we exist in society – peacefully, socially, economically, and even empathetically.  Very few people can survive true isolation, living only off the land.  Just as a newborn will absorb diseases from its mother, we absorb guilt from the human machine through our reliance upon it.

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The Real Reason the Pope Resigned

March 3, 2013

At least at Pythagoreanism, no one’s going to quit on you.

I consider this a life position, operating this blog.

Overall, this is a serious, offensive, tongue-in-(my own)-face-cheek update on reality, in the absence of any kind of Pope in the Vatican, as Ratzinger steps down from his theatre of colonialism.

This is not about laughing at people when they are down. It’s about laughing at them when from a supposedly lifetime role apparently serving humanity, they step down.

All I did was publish this crushing critique of the Catholic organization, and not even 10 months later, the Pope’s stepping down for the first time in over 600 years, not even a half dozen instances of this in all of Catholic history.  Clearly, the Pope was confronted with the truths I presented (such as how the Abrahamic 10 Commandments have failed as both positive and normative statements, and instead, we should follow nature’s 10 commandments, which include prohibitions of things like incest, cannibalism, etc.).

This crippling blow, tongue-in-cheekily caused by the revival of Pythagoreanism went down like that of a grizzly bear to the back of an elk (breaking the elk’s back in one swipe). Using the power of the pen, we have totally rocked the Vatican’s world, again causing an event of psychic weakness to unfold which we haven’t seen in over half a millennium.

Indeed, much of this is psychic struggle, where we exert influence and control without words, or at least remotely. I’m fine with that. Psychically at Pythagoreanism we are giants, with our heads in the clouds and our feet on the ground, always with every moment. We see farther than regular people, but we’re still mortal and fallible.

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My First Week of Pescatarianism

March 2, 2013
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Pescatarianism (eating fish and no other meat) has been interesting so far, I’ve been striving for vegetarianism for a month now, but last week I tried some amazing free range chicken for the first time in a while, thought it was okay, and I haven’t had the meat of the land animal since.  Later I had some salmon burgers and everything was okay.

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The fundamental philosophy of all life in all universes

February 15, 2013

The fundamental philosophy of all life in all universes

If you’ve ever wondered about something greater, ever wondered if the world could be better, if you’ve ever been left hanging by flaky pseudo-logic, if you’ve ever disagreed but been forced to comply, then all of the following is for you:

Here is a biography on Pythagroas, for whom this perspective is named.  The universal aspects of his ideas are quite applicable in today’s world.

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The 4 Pillars of Pythagoreanism

An image of a Pythagorean Tetractys

Since this website’s founding in September 2010, Pythagoreanism has served as a conduit for me to communicate my early adulthood enlightenment to the blogosphere.  I hope that seeing the words inspired by my enlightenment can help others to realize that there’s more to life than materialism or monotheism, and that spirituality is a gateway through which one must walk, if one wishes to explore.  There’s more to life than a blind, puritanical work ethic, with no love in sight!

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Congress Unanimously Passes Babies and Kittens Act

January 14, 2013

4-9-2014 3:50am EST

(Reuters) WASHINGTON DC – Congress has just announced the results of an unscheduled secret session, the unanimous passage of HR3295/SB229, commonly known as the “Babies and Kittens Act,” effective immediately, which requires all Americans to undergo dialysis twice a month,
to “clean out all terroristic tendencies and to foster greater patriotism and national security.”

In a White House press conference timed for release just after the congressional vote, president Worthingshire said, “You’re either with us, or you’re against us – and I’ll warn our enemies now, to stand against us is to stand against kittens.  And babies.  And that’s evil.”

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New Cosmogony & Time Travel Analysis

November 21, 2012
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There is one lingering question which pesters any researcher into alternate theories of reality – is backward time travel possible?

Certainly, forward time travel is possible – we do this at a constant rate, at every moment. To travel faster forward in time, there are methods like cryogenic freezing (which aren’t perfect now, but soon, they likely will be).

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Why is the Sun masculine and the Earth feminine?

November 13, 2012
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Today is the new moon, it is a supermoon (meaning that the moon is at perigee, the absolute closest it gets to Earth) and there is an eclipse of the Sun streaking across the south Pacific all day.  My birthday only.  My Sun sign is Scorpio, which is powerful, and my Moon sign is Aries, which is philosophical and of the mind.  Together, they are focused, and today, as truly as the tides swell and contort, these attributes are me, now.

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How I’m staying positive in dark times

September 24, 2012

I just listened to, and highly recommend, this podcast from Red Ice Radio interviewing Douglas Dietrich about the occult in the US military (think “Men Who Stare at Goats,” only alleging to be much more effective and much more demonic).

Given that science only claims to be able to perceive – at all – about 27% of the matter or energy in our universe (the remainder being “dark matter or energy“) I’m inclined to be sympathetic toward the idea that things are not exactly as the military would have you believe based on their press conferences.  Regardless of whether the ideas in the above podcast are 100% accurate, I’m keenly aware right now of the empty, nihilistic, angry and spiteful energy of our world, and I’m basically in a scared and freaked out mood.  I need optimism to get me through my life, otherwise there’s no energy, there’s no meaning. read more

Illegalizing Reincarnation & the Bubonic Plague: Coincidence?…

September 11, 2012

Justinian I and his dominant co-ruling wife, Theodora:

Justinian and Theodora lived, ruled, and died in Constantinople.

As co-leaders, Justinian I and Theodora ruled Rome in the 6th century CE.  Most importantly, in 545 CE, the pair erased the idea of reincarnation from the Bible, branding reincarnation as a thought crime punishable by death.  The abolition of the concept of reincarnation had a devastating and immediate effect, or coincidence, depending on how you choose to view it.

The coincidences, or effects, occurred both on both the public health of Europe, and on the logic of the story of Jesus.

Elijah was an old testament figure whose prophesied return – or reincarnation – was a necessary requirement for the Jesus’ arrival on Earth.  Without the reincarnation of Elijah, there can be no Messiah.

The Bible repeatedly states that Elijah fulfilled this prophesy by reincarnating as John the Baptist, who literally baptized Jesus himself.

But without reincarnation, Elijah can’t complete the prophesy, and Jesus can’t be the son of God, and Christianity is clearly wrong, in a “new” and very profound way.

When reincarnation was outlawed, perhaps, souls immediately became blocked, vulnerable, weak, frail, cut off from their usual life consciousness, and susceptible to real new disease.

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Debt and slavery: Are we still talking about a free world?

September 7, 2012

September 7, 2012 – First guest post for!

Written by Corey Wlodarczyk

If the buy-in requires the sacrifice of freedom and the game is mandatory, are we still talking about a free world?  Historically, the United States has considered it a constitutional right to be able to discharge debt, and has condemned debtor’s prison.  Somewhere along the road, something changed.

While defaulting on a student debt load has not yet directly lead to imprisonment, the disproportionate imprisonment of low-income persons is happening today.  Creditors for student debt essentially have the first and last cut of a graduate’s finances.  For debtors, most consumer protection safeguards are stripped from student loans.  It’s virtually impossible to discharge the debt, collections agencies need not follow traditional regulations on collecting the debt, wages may be garnished, tax refunds and social security benefits may be withheld.  These Draconian Debt laws are all reserved for a type of debt that is basically a mandatory requirement for meaningful participation in society.

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Maximizing free will

September 6, 2012
Maximize Free Will - art sketch puzzle philosophy of Pythagoreanism in one image

Interpretable as an equation of words, I actually believe this to be the fundamental philosophy of all life in all universes:

If you’ve ever wondered about something greater, ever wondered if the world could be better, if you’ve ever been left hanging by flaky pseudo-logic, if you’ve ever disagreed but been forced to comply, then all of the following is for you:

Here is a biography on Pythagroas, for whom this perspective is named.  The universal aspects of his ideas are quite applicable in today’s world.

Pythagoreanism = a perspective

Maximize free will = morality = philosophy = destiny

Everything can be derived from this morality.  The idea is to maximize free will with every decision, by making choices that result in more, better options, rather than fewer, or worse options.  This may seem obvious, but it is the guiding moral compass of all life, so it’s worth mentioning even though it may already be clear.

Verbalization is our primary avenue of communication, it’s a good method, allowing images to be built easily.  It’s often wise to examine single words when dealing with a philosophy as brief as “maximize free will.”  The word “maximize” is straightforward enough for now, so let’s think about the phrase “free will:”

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My little moral / political theory

June 4, 2012

Pre-disclaimer: The disclaimer is pretty harsh, try not to be offended – if you’re reading my blog, odds are, I already think you’re the shit.

Disclaimer: If you’re the type of person that exclusively prefers powerpoints over “long blocks of text,” then shield yourself from the following spoonful of truth, you pitiful ignorant shitfuck.  If you’re the “literate” type, with a 6th grade or better English-language reading level (or of whatever language this has been translated into) and an attention span of at least 8-10 minutes (which would put you likely in the 90th percentile of at least all modern Americans), then first, thank you for holding onto some scrap of humanity in all this mess, and please, read on, enjoy, ponder, and contribute comments.  Welcome to my mind.

Our economic system conveniently, and perhaps accidentally, doubles as a moral laundering system.

We see this throughout history and across the world; it is the story of one or few human beings who will find moral justifications sufficient to enable themselves to obtain long term economic profit by the murder and rape of the innocent indigenous life of the planet Earth.

Chains = snake = linearity = single dimensionality = oppression

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