Pythagoras’s State of the the Water Address

June 3, 2015

San Francisco, CA — It is the summer of 2015, and water is in danger.

Over 40 million people live in the drought-affected regions of the southwestern US, over 120 million people live in Mexico, over 40 million in Central America, as well as billions of people worldwide, live in drought-affected, and drought-threatened areas of the planet – not only that, but lack of water prevents people from living in currently uninhabited regions of the planet, which puts pressure on existing disparate groups to co-exist, and they often do violently, which is an ongoing problem.

Water shapes our species; on the individual level we are mostly water, on the collective level we also live in shapes sculpted by the beaches of where water meets land, and overall water is everything to us and our food chain.

Solutions to Drought

Drought is a medieval situation created for medieval ends, to reinstate feudalism (neo-feudalism), fascism, and private control of the world.

However drought is easily solved, via the following long-existing technologies:

1. Atmospheric dehumidification

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Pirates Reportedly Pumping Refugee Stomachs for Profit in Somalia

September 21, 2011

September 21, 2011

MOGADISHU – Pirates active in the East Africa region have been reportedly pumping food out of the stomachs of starving famine victims and then selling the product at local markets.  Famine victims are routinely given food by aid distributors in refugee camps, and journalists from the west will often even photograph the famine victims eating the food, before the pirates come and steal it directly from the stomachs of famine victims.

Over a million deaths are expected to occur, a majority being children.

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