Campaign: Create Green Jobs for Native Americans

February 3, 2015

We have received exciting news within the past week, Lakota Solar has begun an exciting new campaign for their business of doing building and education in clean energy on the reservations of America.

“The trouble is, you think you have time.

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Nature’s 10 micro-”commandments,” aka self-enforcing survival habits

January 1, 2014
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Pythagoreanism is about independence and freedom, including the ability to put sunlight to work. Let’s look up to the heavens for our energy, rather than down into the dirt. Before this post gets started, let’s take a moment to consider this awesome solar lamp that not only is clean technology, but also gives you protection against blackouts.

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1. No incest
2. No cannibalism
3. No sex with anything other than a living adult of your same species
4. No touching poop or pee
5. Learn how to be social
6. Have lots of sex (be safe)
7. Eat what tastes good
8. Love your family
9. Accept responsibility for your actions
10. Wonder about a world greater than this

Again, no people are needed to enforce these rules, it’s just interesting because these rules are self-enforcing.

These stand in stark contrast to the Abrahamic commandments, which are constantly broken, especially the one about murder. Colonial America has executed a far more comprehensive “genocide” or “holocaust” than early-to-mid 20th century Germany, justified in the name of a thousand excuses, justifications, rationalizations and euphemisms, yet it’s ignored compared to other “holocausts” “genocides” (even though those words were only created to describe the German holocaust, and inevitably we realize we lack the basic vocabulary to really describe the depth of the murder that’s happened here, so that’s how bad the Abrahamic commandments have been broken).

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The Real Reason the Pope Resigned

March 3, 2013

At least at Pythagoreanism, no one’s going to quit on you.

I consider this a life position, operating this blog.

Overall, this is a serious, offensive, tongue-in-(my own)-face-cheek update on reality, in the absence of any kind of Pope in the Vatican, as Ratzinger steps down from his theatre of colonialism.

This is not about laughing at people when they are down. It’s about laughing at them when from a supposedly lifetime role apparently serving humanity, they step down.

All I did was publish this crushing critique of the Catholic organization, and not even 10 months later, the Pope’s stepping down for the first time in over 600 years, not even a half dozen instances of this in all of Catholic history.  Clearly, the Pope was confronted with the truths I presented (such as how the Abrahamic 10 Commandments have failed as both positive and normative statements, and instead, we should follow nature’s 10 commandments, which include prohibitions of things like incest, cannibalism, etc.).

This crippling blow, tongue-in-cheekily caused by the revival of Pythagoreanism went down like that of a grizzly bear to the back of an elk (breaking the elk’s back in one swipe). Using the power of the pen, we have totally rocked the Vatican’s world, again causing an event of psychic weakness to unfold which we haven’t seen in over half a millennium.

Indeed, much of this is psychic struggle, where we exert influence and control without words, or at least remotely. I’m fine with that. Psychically at Pythagoreanism we are giants, with our heads in the clouds and our feet on the ground, always with every moment. We see farther than regular people, but we’re still mortal and fallible.

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The 4 Pillars of Pythagoreanism

February 15, 2013
An image of a Pythagorean Tetractys

Since this website’s founding in September 2010, Pythagoreanism has served as a conduit for me to communicate my early adulthood enlightenment to the blogosphere.  I hope that seeing the words inspired by my enlightenment can help others to realize that there’s more to life than materialism or monotheism, and that spirituality is a gateway through which one must walk, if one wishes to explore.  There’s more to life than a blind, puritanical work ethic, with no love in sight!

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