Nature’s 10 micro-”commandments,” rules tendencies patterns and self-enforcing survival habits

January 1, 2014

1. No incest
2. No cannibalism
3. No sex with anything other than a living adult of your same species
4. No touching poop or pee
5. Learn how to be social
6. Have lots of sex (be safe)
7. Eat what tastes good
8. Love your family
9. Accept responsibility for your actions
10. Wonder about a world greater than this

Again, no people are needed to enforce these rules, it’s just interesting because these rules are self-enforcing.

But really can’t emphasize the complicity enough here (specifically with reference to #3), where if you knowingly enable others to break these rules, you’re guilty to the degree that you helped, and you all just increase the likelihood of an earthquake, proverbially speaking. Conspiracy is very advanced, it gives accusers plenty of leverage in building networks of criminals (whether of sin, law, or by raw force of self-enforcing survival habit), and there is such a thing as economic conspiracy, moral conspiracy, and so on.

The only real non-self-enforcing rule up there has to do with pedophilia, and the rational adults who have to step in on behalf of children who are too small to fight back, assuming our role in nature, against sexual abuse — which is everywhere in the United States, and anywhere else the Vatican has influence, I’m not going to get too far into it right now, but I’m going to make a deliverable suggestion you can think about, that repeated, habitual sexual child abuse is a capital offense, and that contraception needs to be available to all.

Morally, it’s like much of humanity has this deep-seated hypnotic zombie disease, where we cover up child-rape and say like, “The Greeks did it,’ so that’s a justification. In short, Pythagoras is the OG, Original Greek philosopher who set the stage for everyone else we heard from in the Greek classical period, which oversaw a great evolution, change, and perversion. Pythagoras, and the person writing these words, are united yet again in our vehement opposition to all violence, but especially sexual child abuse, which literally grips this planet as a memetic disease.

Whatever your priorities might be, this is a huge deal, and totally deserves a mention and a difficult retweet. There’s really never a “good” time to talk about something so heinous, but truly it has to get mentioned as a wake-up call.

This is the context for the idea that habitual sexual child abuse is a capital offense.

I literally signed the petition to ban the death penalty in California last summer, and then voted it in during the fall of 2012. I still stand by my reasoning that the death penalty here is totally wrongly applied, it’s an instrument of bigotry and Euro-supreamacist pseudoscience. I voted for this as a reboot of the whole entire system, because something drastic needs to change, and we can’t keep incarcerating people for non-violent offenses. On the one hand, it’s (de facto) legal for drivers to hit a pedestrian or bicyclist (as long as the driver stops, apologizes, and agrees to pay a two-figure fine). I’ve even posted about stuff like this to YouTube, where what should have been vehicular attempted murder was left off as a ticket, when the driver literally traded places with his girlfriend to make it look like she was driving, and then got called out by the crowd and sheepishly went back into the driver seat – after dragging a pedestrian across an intersection, trapped in the wheelwell by a mangled leg. Certainly, the incident also highlights Euro-supremacist ethnic biases, as the driver was European, and the victims were not.

Yet if you want to go rape kids for a decade, just hang a bleeding crucifix on your neck, and you’ll just get transferred around the parish-or-whatever-they-call-geographical-regions, so you can do it to lots of other people as well, with impunity. How does this stack up, for your obligatory “comparison of two disproportionate social laws” dose of the moment?…

In my attempt to channel and embody Pythagoras and his perspective, it does just seem like the most concise way of putting the whole philosophy is to “maximize free will,” and then it’s free to elaborate from there of course. The tendency has to be to create more possibilities.

Ending that brief, positive note, back to focusing on some of the negative that needs to be expelled from this world. Child sexual abuse. And the idea that habitual sexual child abuse is a capital offense. It creates victims who perpetrate the same crime. This pattern creates a zombie-race type situation, where the “bite” is habitual rapes.

This isn’t focused on any gender, male, female, or whatever else you can call yourself, it’s just about pedophilia, and the idea that children are unable to consent, in any way, to an adult sexual relationship. Morally, even between kids of the same age, it’s a different thing, but between children and adults, it’s a crime. A capital crime.

To put this in some perspective, consider Exodus 31:15 “…Whoever does any work on the Sabbath day is to be put to death.” Very clear about this, the Bible, Pentatuke, and Torah (all overlapping in their inclusion of the book, Exodus, as the second book) makes no mistake in declaring, under the pen of the word of God, that sabbath-workers deserve to be victimized by deliberately premeditated societal murder, here on Earth.

Based on the tiny percentage of the people who truly follow the word of their “God,” the US and surrounding world is totally pagan, by any rigorous religious standard.

If you call yourself even a sinful member of either Christianity or Judaism, you have to acknowledge that the word of your God commands you to kill the sabbath-workers — a full few billion. Certainly, some passages in the Bible clearly cannot be taken literally (without mandating quite a lot of murder, especially when you consider all the economically guilty people who do business on the sabbath, and do business with the people who do business on the sabbath – all more than enough to share the economic guilt to the fullest extent of sin), yet they set a bloody context, and I’d go so far as to say the only crime deserving of capital punishment is exactly and only child sexual abuse.

Taken in the full context of the Vatican’s stance on banning contraception and all abortions of any kind, it becomes clear that it is in the Vatican’s interest to ensure there are plenty of starving orphans stumbling into Vatican-franchises all over the world. Many of these children become victims of sexual abuse. Contraception is the enemy of people who wish to continue raping children – so I’m declaring a full-on assault of logic and energy directed at all who oppose contraception for anyone – the power to choose your reproduction is one we humans possess, and anyone standing in the way, forcing totally unrealistic “abstinence-only” policies, is someone who is fighting to support child rape. The child-sexual-abuse conversation really ends at contraception with me.

If you’re against contraception, then you’re in favor of more orphans for priests to rape. It really isn’t a lot more complex than that.

Truly, the pope loves poverty, so much, that he want it never to go away. Here is a quote from the pope:

“Poverty in the world is a scandal.”

A doubly fitting quote, perhaps in this conversation, because literally he’s saying that it’s terrible that we even have poverty, and he’s waxing poetically about how we could end poverty, which on its own is true.

Slipping Freudianly with the word, the true scandal is that there’s a giant cover-up of the “even more” child-rape that has been happening with impunity. The scandal is that this cover-up is weighing down policy changes about contraception, which would cut off the supply of children to rape, while simultaneously reversing population growth, as we’ve seen in nations where contraception is available (Italy and South Korea are examples of two countries breeding so slowly, that their population is shrinking). Literally, poverty ends with the end of overpopulation.

If the pope wanted to end poverty, the pope would have to bless contraception, which would seriously anger the remaining child-molesters (many of them priests, many of them filthy rich) who haven’t been caught, because in doing so, the pope would be cutting off their supply of children to rape. This is the blunt truth, and someone has to say it. Truly, to prohibit contraception is to conspire with, and enable, child-rapists.

On a positive note, let’s work to bring contraception into availability for those without access. This is a struggle on legal and social, but not moral grounds – the moral argument is over in a landslide, against child-rape, in favor of eradicating child-rape from the Earth.

I’m happy to discuss more, but this is just a long-winded, important message from Carl Larson, as I refocus my priorities going into a new year, 2014. I’m just a person who embodies as much as possible of Pythagorean ideas, and is focused on keeping alive the torch of the Pythagorean perspective, and cultivating living coral on the ancient framework of numerical mysticism called Pythagoreanism.

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