Bait and switch law school

July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011

Self storage, first month free!

Giving away storage free for a month may seem like a bad business practice.  Why would you ever give away the only thing you sell when you’re a for-profit business?  How many gas stations or grocery stores do you see doing this?

It’s actually a very clever technique, and it works well anytime a customer makes a long term commitment to a vendor.  It’s the same reason law schools give away so many merit-based scholarships to incoming students.

They get you in the door, using their services, and then poof!  You have to start paying huge cash – or change your lifestyle.  Whether it’s a lifestyle change that involves spending a weekend or two emptying out a storage unit, or dropping out of law school – which I did recently – it’s not something anyone would really prefer to do.

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