The presidential primary is a joke

February 18, 2012

February 18, 2012

There’s no democracy in Maine this year.  Voters from Hancock and Washington counties have been reported (by Fox News, actually) as being “not counted.”  Some polling stations were closed, due to a phantom snowstorm that never materialized.  There’s an easy way around all of this – we just need to do it.

Maine in February of 2012 is a sad example of a large underlying problem, everywhere in America, and all through our history: in-person elections are inherently flawed, and we need to get our elections online.

Sure, there will be challenges, but those hurdles are going to be much easier to overcome than the catastrophic, corruptable, logistics nightmare of holding an in-person election.

I’m from Oregon, where it’s 100% vote by mail.  Maybe that makes me more predisposed to support a system where it evolves even further – vote by internet.  People should have a choice of how they vote.  Right now, few have any choice in how they vote.

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